Small Grant Support for Colleges/Schools of Pharmacy
Future Pharmacists Grant Program


NABP-AACP District IV (District IV) recognizes the valuable contributions of students attending colleges and schools of pharmacy in the District to the future of the profession of pharmacy. District IV will partner with student groups by providing limited small-project grants to projects that promote and advance public health outcomes. The grants are intended to provide seed money to develop sustainable programs in collaboration with a community partner that benefit the community. These projects should serve as a template that can be widely implemented elsewhere in the country.

Proposal: Drug Abuse/Drug Overdose

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued in January 2016 documents that deaths from drug poisoning have become an increasingly serious problem in the US ( – Accessed January 21, 2016)

This year, District IV will support sustainable projects that can implement problem-solving ideas that address serious drug abuse and drug overdose problems.

The main aim of this grant is to strengthen collaborations between student groups and community partners to address drug abuse/overdose problems. The projects should address factors in the community that increase the risk of abuse/overdose and promote factors that can help minimize the risk.

Project partners can include any entities that deal with drug abuse/overdose, including law enforcement, social organizations, legislative offices, professional associations, the state board of pharmacy etc. All partners must have a relevant role in the project, and the lead organization must have a leadership role.

This award is not intended to support current activities, but to assist in establishing new ones.


All student groups and professional chapter organizations in colleges or schools of pharmacy in District IV (Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois).

One proposal will be accepted per college/school. The project should have a full-time faculty member at the college/school as an advisor.

Key Dates

January 31, 2016

Announcement and begin accepting applications for 2015 award

May 31, 2016

Online applications due to the District IV website by 5 PM Central Time/ 6 PM Eastern

June to September, 2016

Application review period

November 3-5, 2016 Awardees announced at District IV Annual Meeting hosted by University of Illinois Chicago
November 6, 2016

Project/Activity period begins

Feb 25, 2017

Mid-project report due

May 24, 2017

Project/Activity period ends

June 15, 2017

Final Reports due from awardee(s)

November 2017

Students present projects at the District IV Annual Meeting hosted by University of Toledo.

Evaluation Criteria

The primary evaluation criterion is the potential impact and practical importance of the project. The Board will appoint reviewers to evaluate the applications under the direction of the Executive Secretary of the Board. The scoring evaluation rubric outlines the criteria that will be used.

Click on the following image to see scoring breakdown:



Provide a detailed budget.
Please note:

  • No funding is available for charges incurred outside the project period.
  • Funding for supplies/equipment is limited to items essential to the project. Applicants are encouraged to outline a plan for what happens to equipment after completion of the project. Equipment maintenance or repair is not eligible for funding.
  • Consult your school of pharmacy or university Institutional Review Board (IRB) for approval of use of human subjects in research.

Note: If you receive the award, funds not used at the end of the project period must be returned to District IV.

Budget Justification:
Justify the funding request in narrative form (maximum of 1 page). Applicants are advised to keep in mind that the review committee relies heavily on the narrative budget explanation and justification when making decisions about funding.

If you have any questions regarding the instructions or the application, please direct them in writing to Walter Siganga at (, with the subject line “NABP/AACP IV Grant”.

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